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About Our License Agreements

Digital typefaces or ‘fonts’ are considered software; as with most software, a license is required to use any font on any computer, device or website. This license defines how a specific font can be applied. In short, when you purchase one of our fonts, you are buying the right to use the particular font, not the actual software—you become a licensee, not an ‘owner’ of the font. An ‘End User License Agreement’ is a contract between the licensee (you) and the licensor (Milieu Grotesque). By installing any Milieu Grotesque fonts, you automatically agree to the Milieu Grotesque End User License Agreement.

You should be aware that the license grants you specific rights, but also covers restrictions related to how the font may be used (please study our license terms carefully). Here are the key facts covered by our agreements:

  • Any application of all our fonts is bound to the corresponding license (desktop, webfont, or app license) which must be obtained prior to usage.

  • Milieu Grotesque fonts must not be modified, converted, shared, redistributed, or resold. Nor must they be opened using font editing or converting software.

  • Milieu Grotesque licenses must not be shared, nor may font files be passed on to any third party including clients and contractors. Each company or individual must obtain their own license for the fonts they are using.

  • Milieu Grotesque must not be uploaded to websites where our fonts would be available to be downloaded by the general public, e.g. public web-based hosting services.

  • All licenses allow the licensee to create one copy of the font for back-up purposes on private devices or storage systems (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, etc.).

  • The embedding of Milieu Grotesque fonts in non-commercial PDF documents is only allowed in a secure read-only mode to prevent any extraction of the fonts.

  • All licenses offered via this website are perpetual, with a one-time fee, and will be charged in Euro (EUR).

  • By downloading and/or installing our font software, the licensee acknowledges that he/she has read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of our license agreements. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that font software is not pirated. Respect copyright!

Webfont Selfhosting License

Our Webfont Selfhosting License grants perpetual rights of use and gives you full control over the performance of your server without any monthly or annual subscription fees. It covers the installation of our font(s) on web servers using @font-face rules in CSS. Our web font files have been manually hinted for improved rendering on various browsers. You will receive your chosen font in two web open font formats (suffix .woff and .woff2). Alternative formats and individual subsetting are available on request for an additional fee. Please note: This license determines that you take reasonable measures against hotlinking and direct access to font files. Furthermore, any modifications or font file conversions are strictly prohibited. This license is tied to an assigned domain/URL and restricted to a maximum number of monthly page-views and may not be used outside of their specified usage parameters, or shared with other entities, companies or third parties.

Other / Bespoke Licenses

In addition to our three license models available online, we also offer bespoke licenses to cover a variety of applications and uses. For example: Trademark, moving image (streaming/TV/cinema/social media), e-book, computer hardware (OEM), student and educational or more extensive multi- and corporate (unlimited) licenses. Please contact us with your project details for more information and a quote.

Desktop License

Our Desktop License grants you the right to install and use our font(s) on a predetermined number of workstations and a defined number of entities or company locations for design and desktop publishing purposes. Our font files will be delivered in OpenType format (PostScript flavoured) and are optimised for standard graphic design applications like InDesign, Photoshop, Figma, Affinity, QuarkXPress, etc. This license grants perpetual rights of use and may not be used outside of their specified usage parameters, or shared with other entities, companies or third parties.

Trial License

All our typefaces are available for download as trial fonts with a limited character set (basic characters, limited punctuation, no numerals). Click ‘Trial’ and follow the instructions to receive an email with a download link to the font files. Please note: You may install and use the font software for test purposes only. Our Trial License expressly prohibits using the font for any commercial or publishing purposes whatsoever (e.g. logos, word marks, etc.). Please ensure that you only install this software on a single computer that is your private property and used by you only.

Mobile App License

Our Mobile App License applies to a single software title and may only be used on apps specifically developed to run on mobile devices, to render text on the fly. Prices are calculated per app title, irrespective of the mobile operating system (e.g. Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile). This license is perpetual, with a one-time fee for use within the limits of the license. This license may not be used outside of its specified usage parameters, or shared with other entities, companies or third parties.

Variable Font Beta Program

Starting with our Maison Neue family, we are now gradually offering our typefaces in OpenType variable font format. As the variable font technology is still emerging, our fonts will be available on a beta test basis only, with limited technical support. We therefore recommend that you use the trial fonts first, refer to the included PDF file for further detailed information and contact us with any question or doubts before purchasing the license. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about new families that will be added to the program.

Milieu Grotesque is an independent type foundry and distributor of digital typefaces and related design products. Established in 2010, Milieu Grotesque is based in Santo Isidoro, Portugal.


Before contacting us, please have a look at our ‘FAQs’ section to find quick answers to the most common questions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (in English) and we will reply to you within the next working day.

Please note that our office hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 Western European Time (WET), except public holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year.

For general and licensing inquiries, please email us at

For technical questions and support, please email us at



Our focus lies in providing versatile, system-oriented typefaces offering maximum design flexibility, resulting in a small but refined library which is steadily being expanded and regularly updated. All our fonts are available for licensing exclusively through this website.

Milieu Grotesque was originally founded by graphic and type designers Timo Gaessner and Alexander Colby in order to make their fonts available for retail. It is now being managed by artist and designer Maiko Gubler.

Website Development: Studio FFF
WebGL Development: Nicolas Riciotti
Mastering/Font Engineering: Christoph Koeberlin
Design/Imagery: Appear Offline (Boutique), Lisa Pepita Weiss (Maison Neue Cyrillic & Vietnamese), Maiko Gubler
Licensing Officer: Sarah Bonnard
Managing Director: Maiko Gubler


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