Maison Neue Light
Maison Neue Light Italic
Maison Neue Book
Maison Neue Book Italic
Maison Neue Medium
Maison Neue Medium Italic
Maison Neue Demi
Maison Neue Demi Italic
Maison Neue Bold
Maison Neue Bold Italic
Maison Neue Mono
Maison Neue Mono Italic
‘Maison Neue’ is the thoroughly reworked version of our early ‘Maison’ typeface family. While the original version was constructed on geometric principles, ‘Maison Neue’ has now been meticulously redrawn. Paying particular attention to harmony, rhythm and flow, the new typeface also accounts for up-to-date display and reproduction technologies to create a distinctly contemporary grotesque, with a classic touch and a friendly appearance. The whole family contains 12 styles thus far; each includes an extended Latin character set and a variety of OpenType features.